• About Us

    About Us

    Our Core Values

    We are proud to showcase Australia's natural resources and share those with our valued and respected customers from around the world

    Remesis Australia is a globally trusted, reputable and respected Australian meat exporter. We are a reliable supplier of quality Australian Beef, Lamb, Pork, Wagyu as well as other specialty agriculture products.

    We are passionate about supplying our customers with high quality, tender meat products, aiming to exceed your expectations and add value to your business via a long-term partnership approach.

    From day one, our vision was to be our customer’s first choice as the global preferred partner for Australian agriculture products. In each and every market we serve – our partnership approach has been the key to our growth and success.

    • Premium Quality Products
    • A Range Of Fresh And Frozen Produce
    • Halal Certified Produce
    • Key Customer Focus
    • Clear And Consistent Communiation
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    Australian Foods that Form Real Connections
    Sharing Our Passion For Australian Quality Foods is what Drives Us to Create Real Sustainable, Long-term Connections with Our Partners.

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    Our Products


    Innovators In Agricultural Business

    We Source 100% Australian Products To Share With The Rest Of The World


    Proudly exporting the finest quality Beef to over 50 countries worldwide. Our range includes 100% Australian Beef, Angus, Wagyu and more. Our high standards and international operations ensure efficient and reliable supply chain that delivers quality.

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    Premium Pork

    We supply premium quality Australian pork throughout many markets worldwide. Our high quality Pork is 100% grain fed Australian pork and its premium elegance is evident in the taste and eating quality.

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    Our Lamb is a quality, reliable and consistent premium product. Lambs are raised naturally in the pristine pastures of Australia on a natural diet, resulting in delicious tenderness and flavour.

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    We are proud suppliers of our 100% Australian Raw, Processed and Bulk Honey. In addition to our wide Honey products, we are also one of the largest Manuka Honey suppliers. Exporting our Top Quality products to dozens of markets worldwide.

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    Remesis Australia offers a wide range of poultry products in accordance with the highest quality product standards. With our added value partnership approach, Remesis is proud to providing all our customers with commodity chicken, turkey, hen and poultry products at the most competitive pricing.

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    We supply the highest quality seafood products to our hundreds of clients – which comes from the clean Australian waters. Our strict quality assurance guidelines include a full cover assessment of each shipment. We make sure that each product is fresh, consistent, competitive and high quality.

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    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Remesis Australia takes great pride in providing traceability, consistency, reliability and strict animal welfare throughout our entire supply chain. We proudly provide access to the finest and highest quality products to facilitate and support the business success of our customers...



    Let Us Do The Work

    We Work Closely With Australian Suppliers And Logistic Companies To Provide Quality Products To Our Customers With Ease

    Transportation & Distribution

    Export Supply Chain Management

    Contract Volume Capabilities

    Strategic Sourcing

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    Supplying Consistent, High Quality Australian Foods For Your Customers.

    Delivering World Class 100% Australian Premium Quality Meats

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